Peshawar Workshop - April 29, 2014



Chief Information Commissioner, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Right to Information Commission, Maj. (R) Sahibzada Muhammad Khalid has said that the KP Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2013 is a mile stone towards transparency and good governance in the province.

He directed the designated Public Information Officers (PIOs) to understand the law in its true spirit and implement it accordingly.

Addressing One-Day training workshop for designated Public Information Officers (PIOs) of various government departments in KP regarding their roles and responsibilities under RTI law, 2013 at Provincial Auditorium of Archives and Libraries- Peshawar on April 29, 2014 which was also attended by Mr. Abdul Matin and Prof. Kalimullah, Information Commissioners KP RTI Commission respectively, and chief guest Azmat Hanif Orakzai, former KP secretary information, Mr. Khalid said that, “ under the RTI law, now you (government officials) will have to open, the earlier closed, cupboard (of official documents)”.

He informed that the KP RTI Commission is also finalizing arrangements for arranging training workshops for PIOs at the KP Judicial Academy.

In his speech regarding implementation of RTI law, Mr. Abdul Matin, information Commissioner, KP RTI Commission informed the participants about various rights to information laws implemented in various countries of the world and the background of its origin.

Apprising about KP RTI Act, 2013, he said that, “the RTI law prevail over all other laws in KP and if, for instance, there is some other law which denied sharing of information or access to a document which the RTI law allows for, the latter have to be abide by”.

While informing the participants about the background, history of RTI, and the need felt for RTI and power and role of Commission under RTI law, Mr Matin said that all designated PIOs of government departments place a name plate on their respective offices so that citizen could easily access them for any request of information without facing any inconvenience.

He said that requesters can ask about any information regarding health, education, and information about various government affairs and PIOs will have to help them out in this regard.

The RTI Commissioners on the occasion replied to various questions put by PIOs on the occasion to be clearer about the RTI Act, 2013 and their roles and responsibilities under it.

The chief guest Azmat Hanif Orakzai, former KP secretary information, who is one of the pioneering drafter of RTI law in the province, informed the participants about the various phases of the law development and its implementation adding that, “it is an agent of change to improve governance in the province”.